• Special effects exceptional flight scenes ! • 3D - Video amination of flight and action scenes • Selection of self-developed missile, Eurofighter, Airbus 380, Airwolf, Concept Aircraft, World sceneries (developed in-house) • Sound, cockpit and smoke effects, tools • AFS-design simulations, video editing, 3D Max, skills • Fly Generic knowledge (ATPL theory credit) • Coach tasks (coaching) • knowledge of aeronautical engineering • experience in the construction of a fixed base simulator • avionics knowledge (eg, navigation systems, • 2D and 3D video recording in Full HD and higher • technical support in aeronautical matters •Firmengruppe AFS-aero: AFS-aero https://www.afs-aero.de SoftwareAdd-Ons Aviation FSX FS2004 Flight Simulator https://www.afs-design.de Erlebnis Flug Agentur https://www.afs-flug.de Special Effekt Film Airwolf Concept Aircraft https://www.afs-film.de 3D Flugsimulator https://www.afs-sim.de
Simulierter 3D Luftfilm - schnell, günstig, gut

Simulated photo real film footage to digital film production

We create in our studio for special effects exceptional flight scenes. Simulated scenes are considerably cheaper than real air movies. Landscapes and aircraft can be animated from cockpit and outside, regardless of the weather. The many settings make extreme recordings possible, e.g. Tracking shots in dives or through a canyon, so that your movie will be unique and memorable!


Animated flying and action scenes for film productions
2D / 3D aerial photography from screenshots
Selecting self-developed missile
Recordings of many aircraft, for example, Boeing 747, Eurofighter
Simulated Flight and action scenes for film production
Technical support in avionics questions
2D and 3D images in 4K (Ultra HD) / Full HD
Landscapes of all regions in the world and cities
clouds and weather effects, e.g. meteorological
Sound, cockpit and smoke effects

Tools and post-production

Many years of experience in the development of 3D simulators
Studio in a Base Flight Simulators ( www.afs-sim.de )
Selection of 50 self-developed airplanes
Design and animation of real and not real aircrafts
Video editing / mounting & Motion graphics design
Visual FX / compositing
3D camera tracking / retouching and replacement
Color correction / color grading
Synchronization / dubbing
Knowledge aircraft and avionics applications ( e.g. navigation )

We make flight and action scenes for you!

Whether you shoot a movie, commercial, TV series, documentary or an image video. We can quickly and cheaply simulated photo real aerial shots customize and example send a e-mail download link in any format (e.g. mp4). We accompany you from the idea to the optimized end result!

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